Technical details

X-Bc basically takes input from keyboard or mouseclicks on buttons and writes it into a file named ~/.xbc/xbc.input (the directory ~/.xbc/ will be created automatically while the configure-procedure runs). Then it executes

bash -c bc -lq settings.xbc extensions.bc ~/.xbc/xbc.input > ~/.xbc/xbc.output 2> ~/.xbc/xbc.error

As you can see, bc first executes settings.xbc, which sets parameters such as input and output bases and precision. Then it calls extensions.bc, which provides lots of functionality about trigonometry, number-theory and exponential functions. Then it reads the user input and writes the output and the error to seperated files. These files are afterwards processed and written onto the display.

Apart from extensions.bc the user can choose to execute as well scientific_constants.bc, which provide several constants from physics, astronomy and chemistry, and/or primenumbers.bc, which allows access to an array called prime[] with the first 65535 primenumbers (2..821641).

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