Output details

The output and error (stdout and stderr) of the call to bc are written into files named ouput.xbc and error.xbc. Afterwards there are read by X-Bc and processed. From the Output file the final backslashes and zeros that have no mathematical significance are taken away, and to numbers beginning with decimal point (i.e -1 < x < 1) are prepended zeros for better readability. All these features are unselectable from the menu.

The error is left without changes.

Then, output and error are written into the lower ouput text field.

All output consists of one logical line (wich depending on the window size may be various physical lines) exept from the factorize(n) function, which print the primefactors of n and, in a seperate line, the number of factors.

The Precision of all calculations can be changed by the options of the Precision Menu. BUT: Don't trust the last digit!

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