Input details

The user interaction with bc is done in two steps: The communication with X-bc and X-Bc's call to bc.

1.) User input is done by keyboard or mouse. I tried to make both behave the same and to be as simple as possible. Using keyboard input, yuo must first set the input focus to the upper input text field. This can be done by mouseclick on it or by pressing the cursor-down key several times. I tried to have the focus automaatically put into the input area on program start, but it didn't work (any suggestions?).
Now you can use some of the shell (=emacs) shortcuts (some are different) as there are:

Motion Shortcuts: Editing Shortcuts: Selection Shortcuts:

Copying and pasting by left and middle mouse-click does work as well.

2.) The input is so far not changed but written directly into a file called input.xbc. In future versions there may be changes done to provide extra functionality such as scientific notation (i.e. 511E3 instead of 511000). Anyway input.xbc will be a bc executable always!

Calling bc, first there is being executed a file called settings.xbc which sets the precision you choose from the Precision Menu (Don't trust the last digit!) and the input and output bases (ibase, obase). Afterwards, X-Bc executes extra files which you may choose from the file selection dialog in the menu , such as extensions.bc and finally the input.xbc file.

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