X-Bc - a GUI to bc

X-Bc - A Graphical User Interface to Bc

X-Bc is a graphical user interface to the command line calculator bc (home page). Its creation was motivated by the fact that I didn't find a desktop calculator that had all the functions that I needed for scientific work but was kept simple without distracting the user with zillions of buttons and colours and so on (check out the screenshots!).

Download the tar-ball (includes source- and bc-files): xbc-1.6.2.tar.gz (422 KB)

What does X-Bc?

It basicly executes bc with some extra files that provide lots of functionality (trigonometry, number-theory, exponential functions, scientific constants, primenumbers etc.).

The input stays visible at all time so you can easily edit and reuse it using the mouse or emacs shortcuts to cut and paste.


In spite of all of these possibilities of scientific computing, X-Bc's surface is held very simple and small, so that it won't disturb on the desktop and will be easy to use, even for non-scientists (proven!).

What do I need to run it?

X-Bc has so far only been tested on a Linux System (using Suse 8.0 distribution), but should be compilable on every Unix-System which provides bc.

The implementation language is C++ using the Gtk-- Libraries. They are provided by the common Linux distributions or can be downloaded at: www.gtkmm.org. GTK-- requires GTK+ and libsigc++ which can be downloaded at www.gtk.org and libsigc.sourceforge.net.

I used anjuta for convinience. The tar-ball comes with the anjuta project file, so you can easily start programming ;-)

X-Bc has no bindings to any environments such as Gnome or KDE, but works fine on both of them and on my favourite wm: icewm.

What will the future bring?

Future Versions will support: Feel free to email me suggestions!!!

Is X-Bc free software?

Yes, absolutely. X-Bc is published under GNU General Public Licence (GPL), which means you can view the code, change it, use it for other (free) projects, help me developping more features and do anything your inspiration tells you to (except making a secret out of it...).

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