Download and install

There are two ways to download and install X-Bc:

  1. download and compile the source code in a tar file named xbc-VERSION.tar.gz (recommended)
  2. download the statically linked and packed binary file named xbc.gz (HUGE! Not available for current version)
You'll find both files at the very bottom of this page or at the project's hompage at sourceforge.
  1. Download and compile tar-ball (recommended)

    This is the "normal" way to install a program:
    Download the tar file and unpack it:

    linux> tar -xzf xbc-VERSION.tar.gz

    This will create directory called xbc-VERSION/ in your current working directory. Now change to that directory:

    linux> cd xbc-VERSION

    and type:

    linux> ./configure
    linux> make

    By appending -h to the configure call you can see options to modify the standard installation.
    Finally, as root (type su and give root password), type:

    linux> make install

    By now you'll have an executable file called xbc in /usr/local/bin/ . Type xbc to give it a trial!
    If you want, you can delete temporary files to save disc-space:

    linux> make clean

    If you do not have root-access to your computer, you don't have to execute the make install command. After executing make you'll find your executable xbc file in the directory: ~/xbc-VERSION/src

  2. Download compiled file

    This version of installing X-Bc should be easier to use, but it requires a big download! Unpack the file typing

    linux> gzip -d xbc.gz

    and as root (type su and give root password) copy it into a bin-directory, e.g.:

    linux> cp xbc /usr/local/bin/

    Now you need to download the needed bc-files (see below) and copy them to a newly created directory called ~/.xbc :

    linux> mkdir ~/.xbc
    linux> cp *.bc ~/.xbc

    Now it should be ready to use.

    WARNING: This file (xbc.gz) is HUGE (5 MB). Choose this way only if you have a good internet connection.

Files to download:

tar-ball (includes source- and bc-files)xbc-1.6.2.tar.gz (422 KB)
packed binary (ver. 1.0)xbc.gz ver 1.0 (5 MB)
bc-files (needed for the binary only) extensions.bc (6.3 KB)
scientific_constants.bc (2.5 KB)
primenumbers.bc.gz (333 KB)
the symbol I use for shortcut-button xbc_minilogo.gif gif-format

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